Dang.  Shipping Fish is Expensive!

Shipping marine life is really expensive. It’s not like Amazon where they can ship ground or USPS and have 2 days to do it. These are live animals people! If you shop around and see someone shipping live animals second-day service… don’t walk away, Run! I digress.

All our marine life ships overnight to FedEx hold locations (we will show you the closest ones during checkout). Why? Well, it’s better for the marine life to be in a nice climate-controlled environment rather than bouncing around on the FedEx truck for the day. Plus, you’ll get it sooner and on your timetable. Plus, Plus. It will save you a few dollars.

Twist our arm and we will send your order FedEx Priority Overnight to your door for only $6.99 more.

Free shipping for orders over $149 and only $19.99 shipping for orders under $149 to your nearest FedEx hold location. There is a $9.99 packaging fee per order. If shipping to Alaska, there is a $25 fee. Saturday deliveries have a $15 Fee.