Why Reefs4Less.com?

Hi. We want to Sell You Fish, Corals and Inverts For Less.

We use the same major wholesalers for fulfillment that the Big Boys use.

We get the maximum 80% Discount on FedEx Rates. You don’t get burned with high shipping fees.

We ship directly to FedEx Hold Locations because we believe that this is the best method to minimize stress on your livestock. Don’t worry, there is one nearby. Twist our arm and we’ll send it Priority Overnight anywhere you want for just a little more.

No 14 Day Guarantees Here! Fact: covering 14 day claims increases the price of the fish you are buying at those places by over 50%. If you need a 14 day guarantee like the legacy shops, we aren’t the place for you.

Side Note. Those 14 day guarantees are expensive to manage! Plus, they encourage inexperienced hobbyists to buy beyond their capabilities without consequence. If you are a responsible aquarist, do you want to pay 50% more for a fish to cover other people’s claims?

We believe that purchasing livestock is a shared responsibility. We get healthy livestock to you; you take it from there. Need a little more time? We offer a 5 day guarantee that costs more.

So, if this makes sense to you…and you want to Really Save 30% on the Highest Quality and Selection of livestock without the hassles.…We would love for you to take a look around and compare.