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You know the mega corporation marine life retailers don’t house the animals they sell, right? They use the same wholesalers that the mom and pop LFS (local fish store) use.

Those mega corporations would have a huge price advantage over the LFS, but they have layer upon layer of corporate hierarchy to feed (what does an assistant product manager of operational efficiency do anyway?) So that fish you buy is paying for that big corporate office somewhere. Expensive.

The LFS get their fish from the same wholesaler. And if you go into your local shop and find what you are looking for… go for it. We need more small businesses to succeed. Problem is that they might not have the selection and variety of the major online retailer…and if you want it shipped again from their place…well overnight shipping is expensive if you don’t have hugely discounted rates.


  • We ship direct from the wholesaler to your local FedEx location (or direct to your place).
  • We have real time inventory access to the entire selection of the wholesaler’s warehouses.
  • We get huge discounts on FedEx. The best in the industry.
  • We save you big bucks. Win. Win. Win.