Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish: Female, Size 2.25 – 3.25 inches

Genicanthus melanospilos (female)


Genicanthus melanospilos is a species of marine fish that belongs to the family Pomacanthidae, also known as the Blackspot angelfish. They are native to the Western Pacific Ocean, including the Philippines and Japan. The female of this species, typically has a yellow or orange body with a black spot on the dorsal fin, and a black patch on the gill cover. They can grow up to 15 cm in length.

Female Genicanthus melanospilos are found in a variety of marine habitats, including coral reefs and lagoons. They are known for their hardiness and adaptability in captivity, which makes them a popular choice among marine aquarium enthusiasts. They are peaceful fish that can be kept with other species of fish, but should not be kept with aggressive species. They are herbivorous and require a diet of algae and other plant matter. They are suitable for experienced aquarists and require a tank of at least 55 gallons. They are also known for their striking coloration, which makes them a popular species among aquarists.


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