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Savings of 30% vs old guard mega shops

Every.  Single.  Day.

Here’s the deal. The fish are the same. Sourced the same. Warehoused the same. Costs the same. The difference is how much overhead is necessary to get your fish from point A to point B alive and well.

We do it a little differently and save you a ton of money if you work with us a little bit.

We keep our overhead to a minimum.  We are a smallish operation with access to tremendous buying and shipping power. Not a lot of overhead. That’s an easy win for you.

We are not going down the 14 day guarantee path.  If you are a responsible aquarist, you should oppose this too.  See our “No 14 Day Guarantee” section for our full soapbox on this there. But suffice it to say here, that those guarantee’s are super expensive. We offer a live arrival guarantee (just like your LFS offers you).  This saves us, and you, a ton of money.

And while it seems like a small thing; you picking up at your local FedEx hold location saves money and gets the marine life to you in better health.

All that adds up to significant savings. 30% on average. And you get healthier livestock as well.