Coral Beauty Angelfish, Size 3 – 4 inches

Centropyge bispinosa


Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Bicolor angelfish or Two-spined pygmy angelfish, is a species of marine fish that belongs to the family Pomacanthidae. They are native to the Western Pacific Ocean, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Great Barrier Reef. They have a distinctive shape, with a round body and a dorsal fin with several spines. They are typically yellow and dark blue in color. They can grow up to 8 cm in length.

Centropyge bispinosus are found in a variety of marine habitats, including coral reefs, lagoons, and mangrove swamps. They are known for their hardiness and adaptability in captivity, which makes them a popular choice among marine aquarium enthusiasts. They are peaceful fish that can be kept with other species of fish, but should not be kept with aggressive species. They are herbivorous and require a diet of algae and other plant matter. They are suitable for experienced aquarists and require a tank of at least 30 gallons.


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